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Dristan Corwin

Site creatoR, Author

Hi there! I’m Dristan. 

I’m very excited to share all the ideas I have come across on how to please a partner. Some of these are my own ideas and findings, some are ideas that I’ve come to after discussions with my (or others) partners, and some are entirely the contributions of people I’ve been fortunate enough to meet. 

All of them are amazing ideas, and we are glad we can share them with you

Some of the posts seen here are chapters from my book (coming soon, 2023), some are interesting Ideas I come across that are not included in the book. If you like what you see here, there is even more detail (and more content) in the book; keep an eye out for that when it comes out. 

Key Articles

Of all the articles, here are the ones most people either appreciate, or recommend
The Prime Directive
Attitude > Skills
On Kissing
Squirting Orgasms

Feedback and comments

Me: "what? no I can't write a book like that"
Her: "Do it! I want to read it"
"You need to tell your male friends about [this thing I found out I like]; more women need to experience this!"
Friend - left anonymous at her request
"This is really we'll written...can I give this to my boyfriend?"
Beta reviewer for the book version of this website

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